Sometimes we must return to that place of pain for healing to begin, where the threads of forgiveness threaten to unravel. And yet, wispy, delicate strands of remembrance are tied to clarity, personal truth, and renewal. Forgiveness is about newness and rebirth, leaving behind the practice of nurturing hard, dying flesh.

Traveling to places of hope, following lines of unknowing, looking for a different consciousness…

The threads, once thought to be fragile, frayed and nearly broken, are golden lines to a sunrise, a day of possibilities.
Awaken, rub the sleep of failure from your eyes, and forgive. Forgive yourself, forgive those who wounded, ignored, and were oh so human while in your presence. Forgive fate, even, because the future that was supposed to be turned to sand in your hands.

Build a sand castle as the sun grows strong. Invite the wind and the waves to rush over everything that you build because what remains is strong and true and beautiful.

Forgiveness, let it come.


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