I want world peace

After going through my online news circuit and keeping up with Twitter news feeds from Reuters, CNN, AP and more, yesterday, reading about yet one more plane crash and the loss of all passengers, I hit a wall. Emotionally, I don’t think I can handle any more bad news.

Russia has gone insane. Israel and Hamas have gone insane. Syria has gone insane. Afghanistan has gone insane. Iraq has gone insane. America has lost its mind as it fights over what to do with over 50,000 minors who illegally crossed the border into the U.S. Even blue states like Connecticut are refusing to help. That is insanity. Huh?

I immediately went to my happy place. Yes, I have a happy place. Usually, it is populated with scenes and lines from movies that I love or books that have impacted my life in a nice, happy way. This morning, I conjured up the image of special agent Gracie Hart ranting about what she will do if anyone dares to hurt her friends and then tacks on “and world peace” in the interview portion of a beauty pageant.


I don’t often allow myself to even think the words “world peace” because that concept seems impossible or unattainable.

This morning, I want Israel and Hamas to stop shooting missiles at one another; I want ISIS to stop doing unspeakable things to women, children and those who do not embrace their religious fanaticism; I want the Taliban to stop blowing up buses and killing their own people; I want planes to stop being blown out of the sky. And finally, I want Americans to care about one another and about their neighbors from other countries, especially their children.



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