Connecticut turns away refugees

Keith Phaneuf of The CT Mirror reported yesterday, July 15, 2014, that “Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s administration has denied a request from federal authorities to temporarily house up to 2,000 illegal migrant children from Central America at the Southbury Training School.”

The rest of the article covers all of the reasons why the request was denied. Nowhere in the article does it mention that Malloy’s administration is looking for an alternate location to house the 2,000 “refugees” as they are now referred to in most press articles.

I am thoroughly disgusted that on the one hand Malloy, Murphy, and Blumenthal are grandstanding in the press about how as a nation we must support and protect these children who are fleeing violence and drugs, poverty and no chance for a decent life while on the other hand they are saying that we don’t want those children disturbing the adult population and their visiting families at the school for developmentally disabled adults.

What the hell?

Oh, there is a mention of the high cost of housing those children for six months. Did they forget that the number of children who have crossed the border since last fall is now over 50,000. We are talking 2,000 here. What is the issue? These kids need care, housing, and, honestly, a safe place to live until they can get their hearings scheduled.

Here are the Murphy and Blumenthal team grabbing a headline (one of many this week — they’ve been very busy) designed to elicit sympathy and perpetuate the idea that the Democratic party is the caring party: “Murphy, Blumenthal see reform to aid thousands of immigrant children” again published in The CT Mirror and written by Phaneuf.

I am so confused.

In one of my English courses, we explored many controversial topics including immigration. I wrote my paper on how integral agricultural migrant workers are to our food system, and how President Bush poo-pooed the idea that documented migrant workers should be allowed a pathway to citizenship after seven years of back-breaking work in U.S. fields. The proposal to create a pathway to citizenship was supported by Senator McCain but refused for consideration by Bush.

Again, I am completely confused by U.S. immigration policy.

We are a nation bound by law, yes. We are also a nation built upon the blood and sweat of immigrants, most of which were mistreated by the ruling class while building our nation’s corporations and infrastructure. I say that these migrant workers are still being mistreated by the ruling class in America.

Immigration is a hot topic right now, one being used by the Democrats to polarize Americans even further. We must talk about the issue logically. This crisis at the border isn’t new. This has been going on since last year. It just made the headlines. Why is that? Could it be election time and anything to make Republicans look bad is worth capitalizing on? I say Democratic Governor Malloy turning away 2,000 children looks really, really bad.

No matter what your beliefs and attitudes about undocumented immigrants entering our country, these children are here right now. They are on U.S. soil. We do not mistreat children, do we? Whether they are eventually deported, there are laws governing their treatment. They are allowed a hearing to determine whether or not they qualify for asylum. Again, we are a nation of laws, and that is the law.

I challenge Governor Malloy, and all of the Democrats in Connecticut, to open their arms wide, provide safe harbor for these children, and do your part. Stop posturing, grabbing headlines and sound bytes, and just do what is right.


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