Parenting Advice: Know Who You ARE!

This post belongs on this blog as well as my Serendipity blog.

Serendipity: Life is a Garden

Floundering through life

I have been at the brink of despair a few times in my life.

Disclaimer: Never, ever, do I believe that my children have been responsible for these times when I nearly lost hope. Not at all. Raising children can be stressful, yes. Raising children with disorders, learning disabilities, and mental illness can keep a mother in crisis mode entirely too much. Never have I felt that my children were responsible for my feelings of hopelessness, though.

Here I am today. Obviously, I have never given up. I have not thrown up my hands (not for long, anyway) and walked away. I have been to the brink of despair, looked into the great abyss, and always pulled back to life somehow. No, I have never been suicidal, but I have felt the lure of completely disconnecting a few times. Most of the time, although I was working…

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